MEDEVAQ™ is a new concept in health care. We work with an exclusive number of clients, and create customized programs designed to supplement their family doctor, by offering service for situations that demand special and immediate attention.

We serve to offer our clients answers to their critical questions, navigate them through the healthcare maze, and serve as a communicators and facilitators where our overburdened healthcare system cannot. Our extensive network of specialists and our partnerships with centres of excellence and diagnostic services throughout North America can answer your critical questions NOW, significantly reduce or remove waiting lists for specialized tests and consultation, provide qualified second opinions, solve diagnostic dilemmas, and coordinate specialists in all medical specialties.

Since it's founding in 1990, MEDEVAQ™ has provided executives from leading Canadian and multi-national companies with an option beyond what they would receive from our traditional health care system. This has included using advanced life support and air ambulance services throughout the world. We also have provided executive medical examination and consultation through Canadas largest private corporate health care providers.