ACCESS™ is a new concept in health care for Corporations. We work with a limited number of clients to create customized medical programs that make the healthcare system faster and more user-friendly. We supplement your family doctor by offering first class service for medical situations that demand special and immediate attention.

MEDEVAQ™ builds unique private and public partnerships that expedite referrals and offer exclusive access to the top medical technology and diagnostic services throughout North America and around the world including:

  • Consultations at the top clinics (including the Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, Cleveland Clinic, NIH)
  • Significantly reducing or removing the long wait for many specialized tests, treatments and surgery (MRI, cancer care, surgery, etc.)
  • Solving diagnostic dilemmas
  • Providing qualified second opinions
  • Coordinating and analysing consultations with specialists in numerous fields of specialty. Coordinating and analysing consultations with specialists in several fields
  • Expediting repatriation to Canada in the event of illness or injuries outside the country

MEDEVAQ™ provides executives and professionals from leading Canadian and multinational companies with the highest quality healthcare solutions. MEDEVAQ™ is one of the first Canadian companies to offer rapid access to high quality medical services in the United States.

MEDEVAQ™ roots stem from the development and coordination of the repatriation of sick and injured Canadians back to North America using advanced life support and air ambulance services ensuring their clients receive the best care while away from home. MEDEVAQ™ has consulted for industry and governments in North and South America, Asia and the Middle East. MEDEVAQ™ was awarded the exclusive mandate to co-develop and service the first U.S. Access insurance program in Canada for Western Life Insurance.

Since 1990, MEDEVAQ™ has been providing Executive Medical Evaluations and consultations to Canada's largest corporate fortune 500 companies, professionals, and high net worth individuals and their families.

MEDEVAQ's™ annual ACCESS™ Program covers all MEDEVAQ™ services and creating an electronic medical record which can be forward to any facility electronically worldwide on demand. The ACCESS™ Program protects the executive, their spouse and their children (under 25 years of age). There are corporate rates for companies that sign up a number of their executives. The only additional fees are for services for which MEDEVAQ™ is charged by healthcare providers (expert opinions, annual executive medical exam, specialized tests such as Body Scans, MRI's, Pet Scans, U.S. consultations, etc). MEDEVAQ™ has discounted fees by choice providers.

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