Elizabeth (Ontario): MEDEVAQ™ saved my life and then saved my sense of self. With a 6 week wait for a cancerous breast lump to be removed and the anxiety of waiting with a tumor growing inside my body, in less than 2 weeks I had a mastectomy and a breast reconstruction by a brilliant plastic surgeon under one anesthetic at one of the world's best breast cancer centres. I awoke from surgery with my cancer completely gone and feeling whole. My care was completely coordinated and I felt like someone really cared.

Ken (Florida): Just a note to thank you personally for taking such a helpful position regarding my wife's serious health difficulties. It is indeed so fortunate that you became involved as none of our calls to either of her doctors were being returned

Joan (Quebec): Our deepest thanks for your kindness, understanding, compassion, patience, and knowledge in our recent quest for information. Your words of encouragement were very comforting and reassuring.

John (Manitoba): Thank you for your prompt, caring and hands on care of my medical concern. I very much appreciate how you arranged my visits so quickly and followed up on each of them. You were wonderful in a tense and difficult situation.

Faye (Ontario): Thank you for all that you did during my husband's transplant. You were a big help, especially to me in finding out his progress when there was no one around to answer my questions missing the doctors irregular schedule for rounds. I knew that I could count on you to find out what was happening & address with his doctors any problems that arose.

Patricia (Ontario): Thanks so much for getting my MRI so quickly. You were so reassuring arranging the MRI in New York State, making sure that it was the best test for my problem, and ensuring that my results went directly to my doctors in Ontario.

Alex(Chicago): Thanks you for your magical response to my recent dilemma. Whatever the outcome, I want you to know how much I appreciate what you have done. You opened a door through which there was light!

Penelope (Ontario): I wanted to thank you very much for taking the time and for your advise. I really appreciate your efforts to get special consideration to get the medication for my father from the United States. He has been deteriorating quickly and his problem is more serious than first thought. We cannot thank you enough for the second expert opinion and advise.

Bernard (Ontario): 'My practice was on the brink of being closed when you took over my care and refused to accept the unclear and confusing diagnosis I received. "Something smells wrong you kept saying." I went from operating a busy practice to being in a wheel chair in six weeks. Your interventions and surgical referral reversed 90% plus of my symptoms. I am operating again, I have my life back, and cannot thank you enough.'