Our Profile

MEDEVAQ™ opens doors into the healthcare system in order to maximize communication between its clients (e.g. patients) and healthcare professionals & facilities, ensuring that the healthcare system is user friendly and efficient for its clients' needs.

MEDEVAQ™ is a privately held Canadian company that was founded by Dr. Edward Wasser in 1990. Dr. Wasser's vast experience in both pre-hospital and hospital based healthcare system design and development has made the MEDEVAQ™ team amongst the most sought after healthcare system managers and facilitators internationally. MEDEVAQ™ consults for industry, private individuals, and governments in North America, South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

With the ailing healthcare system in Canada, long waiting lists for specialized testing and procedures (e.g. MRI, cancer care, bypass surgery, etc.), and increasingly frustrated Canadians and healthcare providers, MEDEVAQ™ was amongst the first Canadian entities to offer rapid access to expert second opinion without leaving home and access to services in the United States and overseas for high quality medical services. MEDEVAQ™ has been coordinating high level care and access to America's Centers of Excellence (Mayo Clinic, Sloan Ketering, MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins) since 1991, an area that has positioned MEDEVAQ™ as a leading private healthcare provider.

In 1998 MEDEVAQ™ was awarded the exclusive mandate to co-develop and service the first U.S. Access insurance program ("First in Line") created by Western Life Insurance (Previously Federated Insurance, a division of Fairfax Financial).

Since the early 1990's, North America's Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 corporations and professionals have been using MEDEVAQ's™ services to ensure the health and safety for their top management and key employees while based in Canada and overseas. Rapid access to second opinion using North America's best practitioners to provide expert opinion, consultation, and follow-up has made MEDEVAQ™ a true pioneer and the leader in its field.

As the doors began to open in Mainland China in the early 1990's, MEDEVAQ™ was an invited guest of the Central Government of Mainland China in a private-public initiative to launch the first regional trauma center in Tien Jin China. MEDEVAQ™ was chosen again in 2004 to design and develop the facilities and business services for two private hospital projects in Harbin and Chongqing China which is the major port of the upper Yangzi River, the gateway to the "Three Gorges" and home to 30 million people.

MEDEVAQ™ has designed the infrastructure and educational & support systems for some of Canada's leading advanced life support programs including the the Ontario Lotteries & Gaming Corporation 24 facilities covering 415,000 square miles of territory, the Canadian Coast Guard, and St. John Ambulance, the world's oldest and most established training organization. These satisfied clients have come to recognize MEDEVAQ™ as an organization they can depend on for expertise and accessibility in order to support their needs and systems.

MEDEVAQ™ provides healthcare consulting services for health care service companies and the financial industry. MEDEVAQ™ evaluates healthcare services companies and medical devices, and support of the financial industry in evaluating healthcare companies products & services for market positioning, corporate strategy, and due diligence for investment and Mergers & Acquisitions. The MEDEVAQ™ team brings industry expertise and experience to its clients.